3 essential services to keep your business engaged during COVID-19


Currently, the world is facing one of the most brutal setbacks of the generations with COVID-19 or Coronavirus. Almost every business has suffered during this pandemic and the limo industry is no different. Limo companies are facing a huge recession and are failing to sustain their business.

Don’t lose hope as there are certain opportunities you can explore. Here are some of the sectors that can offer revenue for your business and help in utilizing your resources.

Airport services

Some of the countries have opened their domestic flight services to transport both passengers and essential packages. You could make use of this situation by providing ground transportation for the passengers and goods, thereby making your business operational in these conditions.

Shuttle services

Many companies have been given a green signal to work with 50% employees strength. Hence, you could utilize this situation to provide shuttle services. You could provide limo services for the employees commuting to and fro from the company in a most secure way.

Be aware of the situation and ensure that your chauffeurs and passengers both use face masks. Also, make sure that all the passengers are maintaining social distance inside the vehicle by keeping 50-60% seating capacity.

Delivery services

This pandemic situation has allowed a few businesses such as pharmaceuticals, groceries and restaurants to provide essential services. With this, the demand for delivery services has increased up to 135%. Leverage this opportunity to generate revenue and help your chauffeurs to earn income during this crisis.

Delivery Management Software

Not all services, but few have been given exemption to operate, which are quite easy for the limo owners to adapt and keep their business engaged during this pandemic. This is an alarming situation for everyone as the need is to fight the enemy that isn’t there, for their own survival. Transportation sectors need to follow certain guidelines and when the business owners execute them perfectly, it’s almost time for a comeback.

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