5 Myths about limo dispatch system debunked


The limo business is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global market. This rise is mainly due to the digital presence slowly taking over the market. But, still, there are a lot of limo businesses taking bookings through phone calls. This is mainly due to the reason that they are not aware of the use of the dispatch system and maybe, the misconceptions.

Let’s take a deep look into the myths that are widespread in the limo business and how the limo dispatch system overcomes it:

Myth #1: Manual booking is sufficient

Many business owners are in the mindset that telephone bookings would earn them more customers since their concerns are addressed clearly through voice-assisted calls. It is an appreciable fact, but it’s not an easy task during multiple schedules, where it becomes very difficult to slot in multiple dispatches only with the help of telephones. So, this is where the dispatch software shows its importance, where you can manage multiple trips within seconds.

Myth #2: Difficult dispatching

People have a general misconception that the dispatch platform is technical and will be difficult to use for a layman. However, the platform is the best possible solution to execute multiple dispatches as it takes multiple bookings and schedules the trip accordingly, without any fuss. Also, the platform is user-friendly which makes it easier for anyone operating it.

Myth #3: Insecure payment

Some of your customers would be skeptical about the payment options as they feel digital payment options are unsafe. But it is not the case as the entire world is on course for digital transformation. In fact, payment gateways offer easy transactions for the customers to make their payment within a safe and secure environment. This is a valuable addition since the bills can be paid online without troubling customers to pay it by hand.

Myth #4: Limited to dispatching only

You might have an idea that the dispatch system aids only in bookings and dispatches, but it’s not the reality. Rather, you can save the customers’ booking details, booking history, billing receipts, revenue generated, all in a single platform for easy viewing. This lessens manual interventions and saves time.

Myth #5: Requires huge investment

Making your operations digital and buying software to handle your operations may look expensive. But, it reduces all your expenses more efficiently. Wondering how? Since it is an automated platform, it reduces labor cost and there is no need to separately market your brand as driver and customer reward points help in increasing engagement and opportunities for your business.

The dispatch system adds a lot more purpose to your business. Rather than being skeptical, adopting the platform would erase the delusions about the software and help in increasing your revenue. Try LiMobility, a renowned limo dispatch platform that would prove to be a worthy addition to your limo business.