6 Must-have features for a limo dispatch software


Limos are the symbol of luxury, comfort and elegance. As technology advances, the customer’s need for better service standards also increases on a daily basis. Dispatch software aids the limo businesses to perform smoother operations, thereby providing hassle-free transits to their customers.

Since they are considered to be the prime weapon of the limo business, the platform has got to have some features as a mandatory requirement to streamline day-to-day activities.

Here is the list of prerequisite features that are imperative for a limo dispatch platform:

Automated scheduling

It is always a big concern for the dispatcher to schedule multiple trips as there is a need for constant coordination with both the chauffeur and the customer. When it comes to manual dispatch process, there are chances of miscommunication and data inaccuracy. Automated software makes life easier as the scheduling and dispatch happen in just a few seconds.

Flight tracking

Flight tracking is considered as one of the important features to be found in limo dispatch software. With this feature, you can have a clear idea of flight arrival times and their status, which allows you to make accurate pickups and provide hassle-free transits. The feature could impress the customer in the first instance as everyone would prefer tension-free travel after their hectic flight journeys.

Payment gateway integration

Relying on a single payment option is not advisable as customers may prefer multiple payment options. When there are multiple payment options, it eases off the customers’ pressure and instils their trust on your platform.

Digital invoice and billing

There are more chances for paperwork killing your productivity. With the automated software in your hand, you could easily manage trip fares and the revenue generated for the day or over a period of time. The software also provides online billing receipt for the fare details and acknowledgement.

Vehicle tracking

This is also one of the important features which let you track your assets like a pro. Never let your vehicle and your chauffeur out of sight as the real-time tracking feature enables you to gain control of your operations.

Multiple booking options

Multiple booking options are as important as multiple payment options. With this feature, the customers can book vehicles as per their preferred choice, location and time.

These are the vital factors that are important in a dispatch software for streamlined limo business operations. 

While many of the limo dispatch software come with a long list of features, it can be challenging to choose the right one for you. Try LiMobility, a white-label platform, which lets you customize the software according to your business needs.