7 ways technology fosters your limo business


Technology has brought the world closer than ever and there have been various disruptive innovations and ideas in the transport sector as well. The main reason behind it has been the increasing demand of people for convenience and ease of travel. Every day brings a new update in technology and implementing an apt strategy would help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Limo Dispatching System

When it comes to the limo industry, businesses have implemented digital platform to up their game. From providing hospitality services on par with 5-star hotels to managing multiple bookings at the same, the implementation of technology has been a boon for limo businesses. Here are the main reasons why dispatchers are switching to modern technology:

  • Decreased cost
  • Reduced time-consumption
  • Increased visibility
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Assured safety and security
  • Better B2B performance

Listed below are the improvements that a digital platform brings to the limo business.

Instant bookings:

The digital platform has made a huge changeover as customers can book their limos with ease as all the options are available at their fingertips and the bookings happen within seconds.

Easier trip scheduling:

Phone calls were the main source of communication in the olden days and scheduling multiple trips were a bit of a concern. With digital technology in your hand, you can handle multiple bookings and schedule multiple vehicles in a streamlined way.

Tracking assets:

Earlier, it was a big challenge to know the precise location of the vehicle. But, the technology has brought a virtual connection with your assets, helping you keep track of the accurate vehicle location and their daily activities.

Multiple payment modes:

With the integration of multiple payment gateways, customers can pay their fare through different modes and receive e-receipts through mail or phone. This improves customer experience and simplifies revenue management for limo companies.

Airport transfers:

Initially, dispatchers struggled to provide limos according to the customers’ flight arrival timings. But, with the flight-tracking feature, dispatchers are able to provide vehicle on time even for flight delays or pre-arrival times, helping chauffeurs make smooth airport transfers.


This is an important feature that enables dispatchers to fix fares depending on the location or region and once the vehicle enters the particular zone, the set fares will be calculated.

Chauffeur reward points:

Chauffeurs are your best employees who need special attention. Reward points are an effective tool which allows chauffeur to earn extra income as incentives as they are the reason behind new recruits. This way, your business can improve chauffeur retention and recruit new drivers, all at the same time.

In the current trend, an integrated platform can help you as a dispatcher to manage bookings, schedule trips, dispatch vehicles, manage payments and control all operations. By adopting the best-suited technology, there is nothing to stop your business from achieving the top spot.

With all the latest technology and features, LiMobility is one of the best bet for your limo business. Want to know what sets us apart? Talk to us now.

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