Boosting safety with the in-app SOS feature


When it comes to limo transportation, safety is equally important as a luxury. Safety, however, is not just a privilege reserved for the customers, but it is a necessity for your drivers too. Here is how the SOS button ensures the safety of both your passengers and drivers.

How does the SOS button work?

The SOS feature allows the passenger or driver to notify their selected contacts during an emergency. Both the driver and passenger can add their emergency contacts in their respective mobile application. In case of an emergency, the user can click the SOS button, following which a notification will be automatically sent to the selected emergency contacts. Here, these contacts can view the passenger or driver’s location.

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Benefits for the passengers

Instilling confidence in your passengers is one of the prerequisites of a transport provider. With the SOS feature, you can boost your passengers’ safety by letting them know that help is just a click away. From any kind of medical emergency to unsafe situations, the passenger can avail the SOS feature at any time during a trip.

Benefits for the driversĀ 

As for the drivers, you can assure them that there is always help available during any situations like a road accident or vehicle breakdown. Once the SOS button is clicked, the operations team can send assistance and sort out the problem immediately.

Helping your customers and drivers find their way out of a chaotic situation is both imperative and a necessity today. Make use of LiMobility and its SOS feature to earn the trust of the passengers and drivers.

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