Chauffeur Étiquette: Effective tips for limo drivers


Limo business is mainly customer-oriented and demands high standards of the ride experience. As chauffeurs directly deal with your customers, they should be aware of the passenger’s needs and act accordingly in order to win their hearts. 

Here are four effective tips that your chauffeurs can follow to build a positive brand image for your limo business. 


One of the biggest examples of bad customer service is when your chauffeurs arrive late at the passenger’s pickup location. No one likes to wait, and with today’s competitive market, limo businesses cannot afford to lose customers due to late drivers. 

So, ensure that your drivers inculcate the habit of being punctual. Monitor whether the vehicle has reached the pickup location as per the schedule and the passenger is being notified about their arrival. 

Customer engagement

The way the driver treats the customers establishes the service standards. Whether it is speaking politely or showing hospitality by adjusting the AC level to their expectations, encourage your drivers to engage customers the right way. This way, your customers will feel at ease and find the ride experience a comfortable one. 

Don’t get personal

In most scenarios, customers may choose to enjoy a silent ride, keep their life private or generally may not be interested in chit-chat. So, it is recommended that the chauffeurs do not initiate the conversation unless the passenger takes the lead. 

Even if the customer starts the conversation, it is recommended that the driver doesn’t share their views on certain topics like politics, religion or racial issues, salary problems or customer’s revenue and anything just too personal. This is because there may be chances that the chauffeur and the customer may have differences in opinion, thereby creating a bad experience for the customer. This, in turn, creates a negative impact on your brand. 

So, formulate certain ethical codes and educate your chauffeurs on the same. 

Being responsible & proactive

On-road emergencies, such as vehicle breakdowns, are unexpected and unavoidable. So, conduct training sessions to educate the chauffeurs about the car and what has to be done during unforeseen emergency scenarios. If the driver sorts out an issue instantly, it will make the customer feel safe and create a lot of confidence in your brand. 

Chauffeurs play an integral part of the limo business and their role can earn more value for your business. Follow a regular practice of collecting feedback from your customers about their travel experience. This can help in improving your services and also make your chauffeurs understand the needs of the customer.