Flight Tracking: A Noteworthy Addition for Effortless Airport Transits


In our quest to connect with our customers better, we continue to bring in new features and the most exciting one yet is – flight tracking system. 

For any airport transfers company, checking the flight status manually can be hectic. You have to constantly call the respective airlines/view their website to check the status and revert the information to your chauffeurs. LiMobility solves these hurdles with the flight tracking feature.

Here’s how it works. 

Once a trip has been assigned to the chauffeur, the flight status associated with the passenger will be automatically tracked. Whenever there is a potential delay, the platform automatically notifies the dispatcher, chauffeur and the customer. This way, everyone gets real-time updates and there’s complete transparency. 

Want to know the benefits of the flight tracking feature in detail? Read on the following factors that determine the importance of this tracking feature.

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Minimize parking charges

Airport parking charges are rather expensive. Since they are calculated based on the token’s issuance time and the vehicle exit time, delayed flights can extend parking hours and the consequent costs. Along with waiting charges, the airport parking can impose high priced tariffs. With the help of this feature, the chauffeur will be notified about the flight delay and could make necessary arrangements to avoid waiting charges at the airport, which could save huge on your expenses and make timely pickups depending on the flight’s arrival.

Slot in mini-trips

Time is gold – But here, time earns you money. Wondering how? Our LiMobility platform lets you know the exact flight arrival times, where, you as a dispatcher could identify the accurate flight arrival times and if there is a delay, you can schedule mini trips in the meantime. This lets you save time and generate more revenue. 

Alert your customer

Our mobile application analyzes the flight updates and alerts the customers on-air about their flight delays along with their chauffeurs’ arrival for timely pickups. If the situation does not permit them to view the message, they can view the alert once their mobile is switched on or out of the airplane mode. The platform also notifies the customers about their airport’s exit terminal along with the vehicle arrival status. As far as customer satisfaction is concerned, this can be an excellent feature to improve your service standards.

LiMobility is the ideal fit for solving all your day-to-day challenges. We hear you and we are here for you… This flight tracking feature provides peace of mind for passengers and also lets you make more revenue in less time. Want to adopt this feature? Talk to our product expert today.