Future of limo companies after the COVID-19 pandemic


Over the past few months, the transportation market has been on a complete shutdown. However, the sector is slowly gaining back its momentum with certain relaxations announced by countries. As limo companies adjust to the new normal, it is imperative to set standards and explore new revenue opportunities.

Here’s a look at the four factors every limo company should consider.

Ensuring vehicle hygiene to assure customers

One of the immediate barriers for limo companies will be to overcome passengers’ concerns regarding vehicle hygiene. Today, commuters expect both safety and luxury and it is essential that your limo company follows a set of safety measures to provide  stress-free transit. Regularly disinfect all contact points in the vehicle after every ride, including door handle, surfaces and glass. Ensure that your fleet is fumigated during regular intervals. By being transparent about your safety measures, it will become easier to win your customers’ trust and guarantee more rides.

Increased airport transfers

There will be, without any doubt, more flight travelers within the city and from foreign countries once the lockdown curtain raises. And, quite understandably, people would prefer private, secured transits over shared rides or any public transport. Hence, your limo companies can focus on airport transfers by keeping in mind all the essential safety guidelines.

Safer corporate shuttle services

Another opportunity for limo companies will be undoubtedly corporate shuttle services. With people slowly going back to their workplaces in some countries, providing corporate transit services can be a viable option. Partner with some of the workplaces to provide safe commutes. Make sure to follow the travel guidelines related to your operating city – right from maintaining social distance, encouraging drivers and passengers to wear face masks and disinfecting your fleet.

While the focus has always been on providing luxury transits, limo companies now have to focus on the safety factors to ensure continued business opportunities.

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