How geo-fencing can revolutionize your limousine business


Geo-fencing is a common term when it comes to the technology space. The feature helps businesses to upgrade their operations and in turn, gain better revenue opportunities. Here is a look at what geo-fencing is all about and how it can contribute to the betterment of your limo business.

What is geo-fencing?

Geo-fencing is a technology that allows you to create a virtual boundary around a particular location or by marking three or more locations using global positioning system (GPS). The geo-fences can differ in shape and size and it all depends upon the commercial requirements of the limo owners.

Improving limo business with geo-fencing

To create a geozone for your limo service, you just have to connect the dots representing different locations on the map. You can set a fixed fare for a specific geo zone and can alter the geo-fence anytime based on the surge in demand.

Here is how you can conveniently fix fares for your limo service using the geofencing feature.

City limit : Once you declare a particular city as a geo-zone, the limo fare within the city varies from that of the fare you collect outside the city limit.

Terminus-centric : Let us say, you mark airports in a given locality as your geo zone. You can set fixed fares for limo rides from and to the airport.

Multiple zones : You may fix two geo-zones, A and B. When someone takes a limo ride from zone A to zone B or vice-versa, you can collect the fare you have fixed between the corresponding zones.

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