How LiMobility can accelerate your luxury transit business in the new normal


Despite facing a periodic slump followed by the global pandemic, the luxury transit industry is regaining opportunities as commuters increasingly adapt to the new normal. However, your potential customers look forward to improved service standards coupled with maximum safety in order to stay away from infections and keep up with their routine. Given the scenario, you need to go an extra mile to win your customers’ trust and prompt them to come back to you every time they want to take a luxury ride.

Here is how LiMobility helps limousine business operators to revamp their businesses to improve customer retention and boost their profit margins.

Seamless booking & dispatch

Being a comprehensive luxury transit solution, LiMobility helps you to provide your customers with a seamless luxury transit booking experience using the passenger app. The customers can also customize their rides with additional requests for amenities including extra luggage, decorations, baby seats and much more. This way, the digital solution allows you to address dynamic customer needs while automating vehicle dispatch based on the incoming reservations.

Airport transfers

Airport transfers are an integral part of any luxury transportation service. With LiMobility’s integrated flight tracking system, the service provider and the assigned chauffeurs can track flights for delays which, in turn, helps them to offer on-time rides from and to the airport.

By staying posted about the flight delays in advance, you can also prompt your chauffeurs to complete other short trips in the meantime thereby reducing idle time and improving resource productivity.

Corporate bookings

Corporate opportunities fetch massive revenue for the limo service providers as they often involve bulk bookings. LiMobility offers an exclusive dashboard for your corporate clients to make multiple bookings and stay informed by tracking rides in real-time. Besides, the recharge feature of the digital solution allows your corporate customers to allocate budgets and take cashless rides. This way, you can satisfy your corporate clients and give them more reasons to choose you over your competitors every time they book rides.

Easy fare management

Unlike the manual limo management methods, LiMobility’ comes handy for business operators to set up ride fares based on distance and time. Additionally, the geo-fencing feature allows them to create virtual boundaries to charge zone-based ride fares.

As for the customers, they receive invoices via the customer app and can make zero-contact payments via online gateways in no time.



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