LiMobility: A Comprehensive Limo Management Software


LiMobility is a meticulously developed limo dispatch software as a way to support limo companies in meeting the growing demand and requirements of the limousine industry. This comprehensive limousine management software has been launched with the intention to disrupt the luxury service transportation industry with the following accessories:


LiMobility provides business operators with a unique web platform to manage vehicles, drivers, and dispatchers, and handle bookings, dispatches, and all operations with ease. It has been enriched with separate modules and advanced features for eminent administration. Besides all other mandatory features of a limo dispatch software, the admin panel has the following features for limo companies to provide their five-start travelers with white-glove experience:


The admin can set up virtual zones and fix fare for zones to provide location-based services for a feasible fare.

Fare Fixation

LiMobility allows you to fix the fare for your services. If you want to provide limo services on an hourly basis, you can create hourly slabs and fix separate fare for each slab. If you are providing a kilometer/zone-based services, you can fix a standard fare for kilometer-wise, zonal, and zone-to-zone trips.

Advance Payment

The admin can also set up a percentage of the trip’s fare as an advance fee that can be considered as a cancellation fee when the passenger cancels the trip.

Corporate Booking

While handling bookings from individuals, you can also manage bookings from your corporate clients separately and help them handle their corporate travel with ease.


The LiMobility passenger app has been made exclusively for your executive clients with easy-to-use options with which they can book limos in a few taps. As a GPS-enabled app, it allows passengers to track their vehicles location and their current location when they are on trips. There are a lot more; listed below a few key features that have been incorporated in the limo reservation app.

Multiple Bookings

The passengers can have the privilege to book any number of trips at a time even when they are on trips and enjoy the chauffeured services.

Airport Transfers

Transfers to and from airports are made simplified with flight tracking option that fastens pickups and drops from and to airports on time even if there is any flight delay.

Fare Estimation

Passengers can get their estimated fare for the selected vehicle and service during the time of booking. The clear fare structure allows them to trust your service for their future transits.

Schedule Revisioning

In case of any plan change, passengers can make changes in their scheduled trips in any predefined time set by the admin at the back end.


The LiMobility driver app has been made especially for professional chauffeurs to deliver limo services with no hassles. The tracking and routing system has been optimized with advanced integration of mapping platforms. While having all basic features of a limo driver app, it also has:

Job Manifestation

The job manifestation helps drivers streamline their upcoming trips and access the history of past trips with complete details of the trips.

Multiple Assignment

A driver can be assigned with any number of trips (with different timings), and the drivers can also stay on track of their trips with real-time notifications.

Flight Tracking

Being enabled with the flight-tracking option, the driver app allows drivers to track flights if he is assigned for an airport pickup. If there is any delay in the arrival of the flight, he can reschedule the trip and change the trip plan accordingly.

SOS Button

As safety is the major concern in the ride-hailing industry now, the safety line has been strengthened with the implementation of the SOS button in the LiMobility reservation app that can be used to notify their near and dear ones during any emergency situations.

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