LiMobility: All-in-one Software for Limo Businesses


Limo taxi service is a quality-driven market and providing consistent, reliable service to retain customers is essential. It needs an effective software to handle all the operations in the limo business. LiMobility is one such platform designed specifically for limousines to provide hassle-free luxury transits. The platform offers numerous benefits that make the limo business successful. 

Following are the list of features and benefits that shows how LiMobility can help you in achieving improved returns. 


Comprehensive all-in-one platform

LiMobility enables you to efficiently manage multiple bookings, schedule trips based on driver availability and share ride information to both the customer and driver, all from a single platform. The platform also provides complete visibility of the booking history, operational expenses and daily productivity to help you make data-driven decisions.

Automated operations

Manual operations involve a time-consuming, lengthy documentation process, where there is a high possibility of inaccurate paperwork and manual intervention. Whereas, LiMobility automates your day-to-day operations which gives you an opportunity to save both time and money. 

Customize to your needs

The platform provides the convenience of customizing the features according to your needs. Some of the best-customized features are:

  • Geofencing : This platform enables you to create geo-zones and set fares based on a particular location. Fares can be calculated for different areas based on the pick-up and drop-off location. This way, you can strategize your fares based on locality and demand to gain better returns.
  • Flight tracking : This feature is ideal for airport transfers. With the integration of the flight tracking system, both you and your drivers will be notified about the exact flight arrival times and potential delays. Based on the real-time updates, the chauffeurs can efficiently manage trips and execute timely pickups from the airport based on the customer’s arrival time.
  • Corporate module : Corporate shuttles can be efficiently managed with the help of this platform. The dashboard allows the corporate admin to oversee trips, handle accounts and keep track of expenses. Also, using the recharge option, companies can offer easy, cashless rides to their employees.

Offer better customer experience

What sets LiMobility apart is its user-friendly mobile applications. Leverage our reservation app to give your customers an effortless way to book their rides. 

The application acts as a simple doorway for your customers to customize their rides based on certain requisites such as the number of passengers, luggage requirements and other amenities. Also, with features like fare split up and app notifications, you can offer complete visibility to your customers. 

LiMobility offers all that your limo business needs to take on the digital competition and step it up by offering a seamless experience for both your customers and workforce. The services offered can be tailor-made based on your unique business needs to provide results-driven solutions. 

Talk to us today to discover more about LiMobility and how they can add more value to your limo business.

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