Manage Luxury Airport Transfers with LiMobility, an Integrated Limo Software


Airport transfer is the hour of need in several urban cities and gaining prominence across the globe. People are looking for convenient options for their commutes especially when they headed to and leaving from airports. Luxury airport transfers must be highly professional and need to be streamlined to the core as it involves a lot of trivialities. Besides booking and dispatching, the business operators have to handle various difficult situations such as flight delays.

LiMobility is an on-demand transportation management software made exclusively for luxury services. While understanding the surging demand for airport transfers, we have made this eminent, integrated platform for luxury service providers like you. This has been made comprehensive and highly reliable to dispatch vehicles in a timely manner. Our feature-rich platform helps you offer your services to and from airports with ease. With LiMobility, your:

1. drivers can track flights and plan for any delays;
2. passengers can also view the complete details of their flight; and
3. dispatchers can dispatch vehicles on time with no hassles.

So, you can provide reliable transfer services to air travelers.

1. Flight Tracking System

A flight-tracking system has been integrated into LiMobility that allows people associated with the trip to track the flight for any delays. When a passenger opted for an airport pickup or drop, the system will automatically track the flight schedules. If there is any delay in the flight schedule, the driver can get the information in advance and plan accordingly. In such way, the driver can enforce the dispatcher to cancel the trip and reschedule the trip based on the arrival of the flight. Likewise, for airport drops, the flight-tracking system with real-time flight status speeds up the assigned driver to stick to the scheduled trip timing, thereby reaching airport terminals on time.

2. Notes to Chauffeurs

While booking a trip, the passengers can place notes to the chauffeur for a child seat, extra passenger or luggage, and many more.

3. Sign Plate Option

While booking a limo for picking up from the airport, the passenger can enable the sign plate option and mention their name in the given field, which will be engraved on the plate. The option will prompt the driver to wait outside with the sign plate to welcome you, which will also be helpful for your passengers to identify your drivers easily.
Besides the above-mentioned features, which are specially made for airport transfers, you will have all the other features of a limo management software. There are a lot more for a luxury service providers like you in LiMobility. To know more, visit us at or contact our consultant today at +1 (925) 3656573.