Preventive measures that are a must during the COVID-19 crisis


The world is facing one of the greatest pandemic crises of all time – COVID-19. Not just one or two, but almost all the sectors have been facing severe downfall in these circumstances due to the announcement of lockdown in almost all the countries.

As it has been discovered that the virus is airborne and spreads through contact, it’s very essential to take precautionary measures in advance, especially when it comes to the transportation industry. Here are some of the precautionary measures that can be adopted for the passengers, chauffeurs, and your fleet.

For the chauffeurs

Safety has always been the priority when it comes to transit passengers and it doesn’t have to change now too. Always encourage your chauffeurs to wear masks during travel to safeguard themselves and also insist the passengers wear masks for their safety.

Also, the drivers could recommend to the passengers that they travel with the windows open and switch off the AC as the virus has a strong transmission rate during cold conditions, as per studies. Make sure that you have regular temperature screening of drivers to identify whether your team is showing any symptoms. Also, encourage your chauffeurs to take leave in case they are unwell.

For the customers

Customers should act as responsible citizens in these conditions. Since there exists a history of 80% asymptomatic cases, one cannot justify their case as negative when they are roaming outside. Advise your customers to wear masks and use sanitizers before and after touching open surfaces like the door handle, window button, etc.

You could also play videos highlighting safety precautions, safe coughing and sneezing practices inside the vehicle to make customers aware of the situation.

For the vehicles

Vehicle cleanliness and sanitation are also paramount since the coronavirus could easily stay on harder surfaces for long hours and when people come into contact with it unintentionally, there are a lot of chances to catch the infection.

It’s better to use disinfectant (possibly 70% alcohol-based solution) in the parts of the vehicle such as steering wheel, seats, gear lever, door pads, and knobs, etc to ensure the vehicle is cleaned.

Also, in case your vehicles aren’t operational, make sure you at least switch on the ignition for some time to avoid any major repairs and vehicle breakdown.

As a transport company, it is vital that you follow these preventive measures. Also, you need to maintain an open communication channel that allows both passengers and drivers to inform the company in case any of them show symptoms or test positive. By identifying the individuals who have come in contact with the particular individual/vehicle, you can do your part in keeping everyone aware and safe.

These are the testing times for the human race and involve greater responsibility from every citizen to maintain social distancing and follow certain preventive measures to win this situation.

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