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The growing demand for the service industry has made transportation businesses to deliberately look for technology solution in order to thrive successfully among the industry’s leading players. If you want to explore all available opportunities in all possible ways, you need comprehensive limo management software. To remain competitive in the ever-growing service industry, you may require an extensive suite to handle business operations with ease. LiMobility would be the one-stop solution for your limo company to manage online limo reservation and dispatch, which has been made with the following features:

  • White-label solution
  • Online reservation app
  • Integrated driver app
  • Simple and eminent management system
  • Integrated flight tracking system for airport bookings
  • Seamless performance

Besides, this well-engineered limo dispatch software is intended to provide the limo businesses with a dispatch suite accompanied by passenger app and driver app to provide reliable limo service to their targeted audience with utmost convenience. Novel features of our limo reservation application are on-demand and scheduled bookings, fare estimation, online payment option, GPS-enable tracking system, referral and rating system, and emergency button. And the driver application has the compatibility to receive notification in real time, find optimized routes, track locations easily, and track flights for any delays and plan airport pick-ups accordingly.

For the business operator, LiMobility offers an administrative platform from where you can manage and monitor your assets, resources, bookings, dispatches, transactions, expenses, revenue, and many more. It is an integrated platform that supports you in all processes and provides you with all insights you may need to take business decisions. You can also manage your corporate clients exclusive with a separate panel for them to manage the travels of their employees. Likewise, for airport transfers, there is an integrated flight-tracking system with which you and your drivers can track flights and rescheduled your pick-up plans according to the arrival of the flights.

With this all-efficient limo software, you can simplify the booking process of your passengers, which can be done in a few taps, thereby delivering services that meet your customer requirements. LiMobility is to enable limo companies to open up technology, improve performance efficiency, save time, increase reliability and revenue, and simplify all business operations. Our extensive limo management software can help you streamline your business in a more organized way from a dexterous platform that allows you to schedule trips; track drivers, vehicles, and even flights; monitor processes; and get many more.

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To stay competitive and grow extensively, you need to adopt new trends in the limo industry, especially the limo dispatch software to achieve business excellence.