The Benefits of Using a Limo Dispatch Software For Airport Transfers


Limos have been considered the best-sophisticated option when it comes to hassle-free airport transfers. There are some prominent points that make limo airport transfers stand out from the crowd. They are:

  • Limo service is much more reliable since they offer great hospitality and ease of travel with timely arrival.

  • The rental cost of a limo is more or less the same as that of hiring two to three cars since a stretched limo can accommodate around 10-12 passengers.

  • Valuable time management is one of the important features in a limo since small conferences can be done in the vehicle itself during the travel.

  • Safety and luxury offer a great combination to the sheer pleasure of travel and the limo offers it more than what is expected.

If you are one such company providing limo rentals, a limo dispatch software can add a feather to the smooth functioning process. The below mentioned are the important functions of the limo dispatch software:

1. Automated software for safe and reliable functioning

The Limo dispatch software is more dependable since it provides all the necessary data to the operator, driver and the customer. The dashboard provides all the necessary information regarding the route, customer details, their arrival time and other booking-related information, making it easy for the driver to respond immediately. Everything is available in the single software and there is minimal or no need for any manual intervention.

2.Vehicle tracking

The fleet operators will have the precise location of the limo with the help of the limo dispatch software. In addition, the fleet operators will have an awareness of the direction of the limo, whether they are moving in the right direction or not. It is easily visible for the customer to know the exact location of the vehicle and their accurate ETA.

3.Flight Tracking

Some of the advanced limo dispatch solutions provide innovative flight tracking feature. When there is a delay of flights, the limo chauffeurs will get information about the flight status and their appropriate arrival time. The driver will get alerts regarding those delays and can plan accordingly for the pick-up without any hindrance.

4.User-friendly with a lot of customization options

Most limo dispatch solutions let businesses customize the platform based on their unique processes. From setting the fare rates, waiting charges to configuring geozone-based fares, limo companies adapt their operations onto the software with ease.

5.Analytical insights for better decision-making

The limo dispatch software enables the admin and fleet operators to check the fares, their trip details and other consolidated revenues that are generated automatically. This can also be customized between the operator and other employees of the organization. With such auto-generated insights in hand, limo companies can make smarter decisions for improving productivity and identifying cost-saving opportunities.

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