Why are mobile apps important in streamlining your limo business?


Smartphones have brought the world closer than ever, both technology-wise and in terms of peer interactions. Mobile phones are everywhere and that is where recent innovations are focused. Mobile applications play a major role in everyone’s life. There is an app for almost everything to promote their brand and deliver better service to the customers.

It was during this smartphone revolution, that the taxi giants such as Uber, Ola, Grab, Didi Chuxing, etc. entered into the taxi market with the idea of providing hassle-free rides to the customers in an efficient way and has achieved success in their approach. This is mainly because booking and dispatching were made easier with the help of apps that reduced the stress of the drivers and customers, and in turn, increased revenue for the business owners.

The trend has slowly entered into the limo industry as well, as they find it a lot easier when a mobile application comes into play for booking, dispatching and tracking options.

Limo Booking Software

The apps help your driver-partners to provide more rides and therefore improves your bottom-line. The main advantages of having a mobile app are:

Booking management

It’s hard to find people without mobile phones. Smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s life. In the limo industry, they are responsible for easier bookings, where the customers can book the limos within seconds. The mobile app also helps chauffeur to find their rides and accurate location to ensure smooth transfers.

Chauffeur Analytics

The mobile app lets the chauffeur be aware of their past trip details, revenue generated by them in a day, a month, a year or to date, the total number of trips, total kilometers traveled, etc. This way, the chauffeurs can monitor their daily productivity and have a clear idea about their earnings.

Customer feedback

Customer voices can have a powerful reverberation as far as the limo business is concerned. The mobile helps in getting feedback from your customers and allows you the chance to provide an ample solution if there is any inconvenience caused.


The app gives a clear insight for the chauffeur to travel via the shortest route to the destination. If there are any traffic congestions or obstacles in the traveling route, the app automatically provides the next best route to the destination. The navigation also gives voice-assisted routes to ensure that you are not off the track.


It is a tough day at the office for your customer if your chauffeur doesn’t provide them with the balance amount for the cash fare or doesn’t accept card payments. The mobile app provides multiple payment gateways that allow your customer to pay the fare via net banking, by cards or other digital modes.

The mobile app provides a faster-operating speed and execution than any other traditional method. The result?

  • Faster and easier dispatch
  • Easier payment
  • Less waiting time for your customers
  • Real-time vehicle navigation

In a nutshell, adopting a mobile-first solution has many profitable benefits. Try LiMobility, the most reliable dispatch software in the modern-day scenario to scale your business growth.

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