Client Requirements

Being envisioned to deliver seamless limo services, the Kuwait-based limousine company has been delivering limo services using some native software to dispatch limousines. The company wanted to provide their customers with supreme commute experience and make their rides hassle-free. However, they couldn't achieve their aspired growth level and didn't receive as many trips as expected due to:

  • the complexity of the reservation app they were using;
  • featureless apps and modules;
  • repulsive passenger and chauffeur apps that toughened the limo booking and dispatching; and
  • unalluring UI and UX designs.

Therefore, the company was highly in need of limo management software that can help them through all complex processes of dispatching luxury vehicles to their customers.

LiMobility Solutions

By analyzing the requirements and expectations of clients, the LiMobility team has come up with solutions exclusively for the company. Following are a few:

Improved Designs

As LiMobility is exclusively built for the limousine business, it suited the company’s requirements well. Being a White label product, the software and applications have been rebranded and enhanced with designs that matched their logo and expectation. The new outlook of their consoles and apps had given them a grand presence in their intended market.

User-friendly Apps

  • Reservation App

LiMobility has provided them with a feature-rich and user-friendly limo-booking app that allows their passengers to book limos with no hassles. The app has been made to support both English and Arabic languages with which the local residents and international visitors can get access to the company’s limo services easily.

  • Chauffeur App

The LiMobility's chauffeur app has been built for professionals who drive luxury vehicles like limousines. This eminent chauffeur app allows the company's drivers to receive booking notifications from the admin, track location with GPS support, and view all details of the upcoming and completed trips in a few taps.

Upgraded Features

The software has been upgraded with all features that are considered by the LiMobility team as essentials for the client to run their limo business efficiently. The limo reservation app has been upgraded with the following features:

  • On-demand and book later options
  • Airport pickup and drop feature
  • Hourly and kilometer-based trip facility
  • A field to send notes to chauffeur
  • Wallet and feedback system
  • Credit points for every trip, which will be credited in the wallet after the completion of 10 trips
  • KNET payment integration

The software allows the business operator to manage the business from a highly responsive interface with which the admin to:

  • fix time- and model-based fare,
  • define wait time and waiting charge,
  • manage drivers and passengers on a single platform,
  • define promo code,
  • handle the wallet system and manage feedback,
  • stay connected with the users by sending push notifications and SMS, and
  • generate reports for all processes.


The upgraded, all-inclusive modules and applications helped the company all through their business processes and acquire more business opportunities with ease.

  • The user-friendly apps allow their customers to book limos easily.
  • The feature-rich chauffeur app helps drivers to work consistently.
  • The exclusive modules in the administration panel have helped the company to manage assets, resources, and business and achieve business excellence

About Company

Journey of a freight transportation startup looking to become a leader in the industry using TaxiMobility

A Kuwait-based limo company offers their passengers continentally rich limo rides. They are intended to provide a superior commute experience with a wide range of luxury vehicles and professional chauffeurs. While guarantying peace of mind, they are also dispatching convenient and reliable limo services across the region.

Industry: Limo Company

Company Size : Enterprise

Location : Kuwait

Software : Limo Management Software

“LiMobility applications are easy to use, and interfaces are carefully designed. The product and its team have helped us greatly to improve our services.”