Client Requirements

As a startup, Taxi Machan needed a white-label limo dispatch software to receive bookings from their customers, assign vehicles to drivers, and dispatch vehicles on time. Besides that, they wanted to track their operations and monitor their assets and drivers in real time. They required an all-in-one limo dispatch software that has:

  • Feature-rich administration panels
  • Easy-to-use passenger app
  • User-friendly driver app

LiMobility Solutions

As LiMobility has been exclusively built for luxury service transportation companies, Taxi Machan has been recommended to use LiMobility that satisfies all their requirements and has features that a limo startup needed to run their business.

Feature-rich administration panels

The software offers exclusive web portals for limo company and dispatchers to manage business operations, vehicles, drivers, revenue, expenses, and transactions from a single, integrated platform. It has also been enriched with modules that have features to support the business operator to deliver reliable transportation services.

Easy to use passenger app

The LiMobility’s limo reservation app is a white-labeled one that allows Taxi Machan to deliver services under their brand and logo. Their passengers can book vehicles through the app easily for their local commutes and airport transfers. The fare structure helps passengers to have a clear picture of the fare for each model and service even at the time of reservation. As all features of our limo booking app are exclusively designed for limo users, Taxi Machan’s passengers find it easy to book and get the service with no hassles.

User-friendly driver app

The driver app has built-in job manifestation options for the drivers to receive notifications of any new job assignments and track their past, current, and upcoming trips with clear details. As it is a GPS-enabled tracking and routing system, it helps the drivers to track the locations easily and find the most feasible routes to reach destinations with ease. For the airport transfers, the app has been enabled with flight tracking option to track flights for any delays and plan accordingly. In addition, it has been integrated with various SMS and mapping platforms for seamless communication, effective tracking, and so on.


With LiMobility, they have started receiving more number of requests from their customers because the users find it easy to book limos using the app. Taxi Machan can track their vehicles and drivers in real time with GPS-enabled, integrated system that reduces operating costs and time. On the whole, they can handle their entire business operation from a single platform and could see a visible growth and profit.

About Company

Taxi Machan is a transportation startup based in Qatar. Since its inception, Taxi Machan has been committed to delivering cost-effective, safe transits for Qatar residents. As mobility is one of the key factors that drive the growth of the economy, they wanted to revamp the Qatar transportation sector through a seamless luxury service transportation.

Industry: Transportation Company

Company Size : Startup

Location : Qatar

Software : Limo Management Software

“LiMobility has helped us uplift our limo business through its tech solution. The hands-on support of the team and comprehensive applications of the software are unfathomable. Thanks, team!”