Client Requirements

Manually managing the fleet of 30 luxury vehicles was not an easy task. Besides, the company also wanted to monitor resources, track all transactions, and deliver highly professional and reliable services to their customers. Therefore, they were in need of an efficient management software, and responsive booking and dispatching applications to have streamlined business processes and achieve trip handling efficiency.

Solutions We Provide

After thorough research on their requirements and their intended market, we have provided them with the best-in-class limo dispatch software solution, LiMobility, which has all aspects in-built that the company required to drive their limo business with utmost efficiency in the city of dreams. LiMobility, a one-of-a-kind, White-label limo management software, comes with separate applications for passengers and chauffeurs, and administrative web platforms for admin and dispatchers.

The system is designed to support a fleet of any size and any number of bookings so that the business operator can grow their fleet size and can manage plenty of trips at a time. Besides the basic features, LiMobility has also been upgraded with the following attributes to help them achieve their goals with no hassles:

Limo Reservation App (for Passengers)

With the limo booking application, passengers can track their assigned vehicle in real time. As requested by the client, the app has also been integrated with Dubai’s electronic platform Makani and card scanning system with which residents can get benefited hugely.

Driver App (for Professional Chauffeurs)

By using the LiMobility Driver App, the company’s drivers can

  • choose a vehicle on their own;
  • use in-built card scanning facility;
  • go out of shift automatically after 20 minutes of idle time;
  • handle trip queue with job manifestation option; and
  • take trips assigned by supervisors and from kiosks.

Supervisor App (for Dispatchers):

The dispatcher module has been made comprehensive for the seamless dispatching and trip handling that has also been enriched with features for the dispatchers to:

  • dispatch trip to a particular driver;
  • print the receipt after dispatch trip;
  • quick trip; and
  • offline trip.


The company had been started with only 30 vehicles, which is what they could manage by that time. Over time, they have grown to a professional and fully chauffeured service transportation company with a fleet of 500 top-notch luxury vehicles (almost every type of luxury vehicle) serving a vast array of clientele. Now, they could manage their huge fleet with the support of LiMobility easily that makes the company grow 40x faster and paved way for them to become the most innovative luxury transport service in Dubai with the limo management system upgraded with on-demand transportation technologies.

Eventually, with our all-in-one solution with exclusive features made for luxury service like limousines, they are growing at a faster pace in Dubai by providing excellent, innovative, and creative limousine services with unmatched quality and have attained a level of excellence.

About Company

The company is an on-demand transportation company, which is providing premier limo service in Dubai. Their goal is to provide their passengers with a high-quality chauffeur service. Founded in the year 2012, the company is envisioned to cater for the growing needs of luxury transportation and to be the reliable and smarter solution for the same in their intended location by providing 24-hour limousine service.

Industry: Limo Services

Company Size : Enterprise

Location : UAE

Software : Limo Dispatch Software

“LiMobility has changed the way we do business before and has taken our business to the next level. Their support team provides an excellent service. I don't know whether this success is possible without them.”